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COLLEGE LIFE...AT MSU they are my co-majors in my management degree. they were my friends in mindanao state university since 2006 to 2008, i was not able to graduate like them because i stopped my schooling when i was in 3rd problem is the main cause why i stopped. i already miss them..the teasing moments, the jokes, the company and the unity of friendships. now, they are all graduated and I envy to all of them but Im happy because they had finish there college in msu. presently, im still studying at fsuu..after i transfer.. i know god have reasons why it happened to me.. its ok, still im happy now ,my friends is always there comfort me.. gosh...still believe in happy endings...


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Originally uploaded by maria_pakdat THE NEXT CHAPTER OF MY LIFE

i became a member of this crew since november 09, 2009...

i my very first time to belong in this group of people which have the aim to win all the hiphop dance contest.

i feel competitive since then.. they improve me of being a dancer,they teach me how to be persevere in every move i make. the lessons are learned.

they are all very good dancers and im proud to be one of them...char..?

the sense of belongingness is there thats why im so happy that i meet them.

carlo,jimboi,gringo,joseph,echo,ramix,pete,tarlo,arsing,nino,gamay,dondon kuya stepen the one who endorse me to the crew..thank you to him and last my bf ramon..who always give me courage and hope everytime when we have dance.

the feeling of being a part of them is very awesome..unbelievable but you must believe it...hehehe

GOD grant my wishes ...


Originally uploaded by maria_pakdat after winning the ethnic dance competition...last december 30. we decided to go to beach in the new year's day..

we all have fun in the beach, as you can see in the picture ,you will imagine how we enjoy so much in that day..most of us wear topless, only a beach bra..and im one of them..many people look at us and some are's like it was there first time to see a gruop of person so enjoy dancing,playing, laughing,screaming.and many more..

though the beach is not so nice to swim because it is only at buenavista not a white sand beach still we enjoy it.

we do this annually every new years day with my friends and continue a growing family..and more happy..

hope we do this again mga buyagon..
more friends to come...


Originally uploaded by maria timmia when i was in a 2nd year high school i was hired to be a dancer on a campaign rally fo councilor cembrano last 2004 election...well, im so overwhelmed with that and i with my cousin "ilyn" grab the opportunity..We enjoy the campaign , we dance in front of many which we loved it too.

We travel around BUTUAN CITY including the rural areas such as brgy.nongnong (back of Mt. Mayapay).Its was our first time to step on every barangays of BUTUAN CITY.
Gladly,after the voting our boss won the election.

On 2007 the next election period, our boss ( ATTY.CEMBRANO) request me again to dance to him @ every rally like we usually do last campaign.So, i was looking for my co-dancers to be intact in a group they are: ( karen,kate and mona).Its my privilege to have them and give them the to be apart of the campagn events.Indeed they enjoy naman the rally,meeting different people and acquintances.

Recently, this 2010 election we again requested by ou…


bobon butuan
Originally uploaded by maria timmia life life life is unpredictable....

sometimes you would thought you are happy with him ...thigking that he would always be mine but suddenly you will realize that it is not..

you are wishing that it shouldnt that you would not be able to think about this problem you were is hard for you to keep those promises and indeed you dont want it to be done..

life maybe miserable fact, we experienced it now, but sooner we learned to recover for it.. and find the best remedy of will it be..

we dont want to hurt people, it just we must do it for their own sake..

love can be cruel...just expect the unexpected..